Aagha Ali Criticizes Pakistani Award Shows

Aagha Ali is a self-made star. He comes from a showbiz background but he had to work a lot harder to even survive in the industry. After going through several ups and dons in his life, he has achieved a status where he plays the leading man in some of the highest rated dramas in Pakistan. Aagha is very candid and always speaks what is on his mind.

Talking at FHM podcast, Aagha talked about how vulgarity is never needed in order to convey a message to the audience. It can always be done tastefully and within norms however gritty the message may be. He also gave examples of how Pakistani dramas have always respected boundaries.

Aagha also said that there are times when the actresses life partners do not want them to do any touchy feely scenes. And Agha has put his foot down and told the director to change how the scenes will be filmed as he has always respected his co-stars and their boundaries.

He also revealed that a large part of the industry never accepted him. They have never acknowledged him, his projects will not get recognized while they are a hit and on the top. He added that he still accepts those people as our industry is already so small.

Aagha also talked about how the standard of our award shows is bad. There are never any choreographed dances or good presentation. Yes, there are problems with the awards criteria too. He said that every time people say that the show performances are the worst. He wishes we could improve all of this some day.

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