Hamza Sohail and Amar Khan paired up for drama serial ‘Breaking News’

Green Entertainment is gearing up to launch a game-changer serial Breaking News. The show uncovers how politicians cleverly influence what we see on TV by adjusting the stories to match their goals. Heartthrob Hamza Sohail, who has done a phenomenal job in drama Fairy Tale and Amar Khan will be seen paired together for the very first time to bring this gripping narrative to life.

The serial is written by a well-known writer Aamir Raza, directed by Kashif Nisar who’s done exceptional projects for Green Entertainment before namely Kabli Pulao and Jeevan Nagar. Breaking News is not just a drama; it’s a powerful commentary on media and political entanglements.

The story delves into the intricate web of how politicians manipulate and alter the truth through media for personal gains. Furthermore, it aims to expose the dark underbelly of the media industry, showcasing how individuals fall victim to blackmail, echoing the harsh realities of leaked videos and photos that can jeopardise careers and personal lives of people.

The drama aims to challenge the viewers to question the authenticity of the news they consume and raises important concerns about the delicate balance between media responsibility and political influence.

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