Nawazuddin Siddiqui talks about reason behind Pakistani dramas popularity in India

Bollywood industry top-notch actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has become a legend in the rich world of Indian cinema.

His rise from humble origins to Bollywood fame represents the success of hard work and skill. His outstanding performances have won him accolade not just in India but also internationally, particularly in Pakistan.

His performance of the charming reporter Chand Nawab in the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, in which he co-starred with Salman Khanm, was a pivotal point in Siddiqui’s cross-border resonance.

The peculiarities and innate purity of the character struck a chord not only with viewers in India but also in Pakistan.

Siddiqui revealed the painstaking process that goes into his work, revealing that while he was getting ready for a part that is crucial to the movie, he took inspiration from the real Chand Nawab. The actor practiced the lines an astounding 100 times, demonstrating his dedication to authenticity and making sure he accurately portrayed the character. During the shoot, Siddiqui also got the opportunity to speak with Chand Nawab. He conveyed his respect for the reporter’s innocence, which he skilfully portrayed on screen.

“I had to replicate the entire scene,” recalled the coveted actor. “The railway station at which we were shooting in Rajasthan, we had it only for one day, because we didn’t have a lot of work there. You won’t believe this, but a day before the shoot, I must have repeated the scene about a hundred times. It was quite a technical scene because the train is moving and while it’s moving, I have to replicate and finish Chand Nawab’s character.”

The actor highlighted how his timing had to work in tandem with the timing of others involved in the shot. “Fortunately, I had become so used to it that had you woken me up in the morning to recite the speech, I would have recited it in a single breath,” shared the star.

Siddiqui’s relentless rehearsal led to the scene being wrapped up in the first go, leading to a much-needed day off for the cast and crew.

Beyond his own experience, the actor explored the broad appeal of Pakistani dramas in India. He emphasised that these shows’ outstanding writing was a key element in their tremendous international success.

Pakistani dramas have a universal appeal that cuts across cultural divides and promotes a mutual respect for powerful narrative and creative expression. “Pakistani dramas are watched quite a lot in India,” shared Siddiqui. “The writing is exceptional and the actors are amazing,” he added.

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