Tere Bin: Wahaj Ali aka Murtasim’s TOTAL fee for 58 episodes

Hyderabad: Following the success of Tere Bin, the handsome and charming actor Wahaj Ali has undoubtedly earned the title of superstar. The actor, who enjoys a sizable and ardent fan base both in Pakistan and India, has won the hearts of millions worldwide.

Making headlines with every little move, Wahaj Ali is currently enjoying the kind of stardom that very few celebrities get to even touch. But do you know how much he benefited from Tere Bin?

According to several Pakistani portals, it was said that he is charging 2.5 lakhs (PKR) per episode of Tere Bin, but what are his overall earnings? The drama has aired 58 episodes in total. So, makers have aired 57 episodes and the last episode (58th one) is likely to be aired tomorrow, July 6.

So, if we calculate, Wahaj’s total earnings from the show for 58 episodes are expected to be around 1.3cr (PKR)!

Apart from the show his newly released movie Teri Meri Kahaniyaan is also thriving in the theatres.

The Ehd-E-Wafa actor is prepared to score big in his upcoming drama series, Qadam 22. He will play the character of a cricketer who coaches a group of female players and encourages them as they strive assiduously to realise their goals.

We can’t for Tere Bin’s last episode now!

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