Why Nauman Ijaz wants to ban plays in Pakistan?

(Web Desk) – Talking about Pakistani dramas in a programme, actor Nauman Ijaz said some dramas were destroying the sanctity of relationships and wished such dramas should be banned. 

The actor said he always preferred doing the dramas which are lesson oriented. 

Talking about drama content, Nauman Ijaz said, “I would ban all the dramas if I will be given the charge of the censor board because our dramas are destroying relationships.

“The relationships are being disgraced in the dramas. I feel sad that the public has no issues with such regressive and low content.” 

He said: “They don’t condemn it. The drama makers are showing every relationship evil. Today a sister, mother, father, brother and daughter, every relationship is evil.

“These things are automatically transferred into our society; we directly or indirectly take influence of such dramas, they definitely lay an impact on us as a society.

“In the recent past, the drama Nand became so popular because it showed a Nand as an evil. I prefer doing the dramas which are lesson oriented.” 

He said he had a self censor and he didn’t utter certain types of dialogues. 

Nauman Ijaz is a famous Pakistani television actor who has given uncountable excellent performances in hit plays.

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